Reason / Purpose

I've decided the publish a reason and a purpose for the keep this particular personal blog.

Mostly it's a personal brain dump on things that I feel personally about and things that I've decided the give my personal opinion about in a public setting. Sometimes I have these internal conversations about topics. I start to feel frustrated about because they bounce around the echo chamber of my head. This is my way of pulling them out of my head so I don't need to ponder on them as much. I guess it's a type of therapy by way of public acknowledgement of my viewpoints.

If I get feedback, both positive and negative, then all the better.

Another reason I keep this blog is so that I give a place where I can tack things (recipes, political information, public comments, etc.) onto the bulletin board so that I can keep up with them. I can also update them as new revelations come to pass.

I sometimes forget to update my blog. Then I usually come back and perform a brain dump. This is mostly because I realize I've pondered on something too long and/or hard without dumping out of my head.

Another reason is getting into the habit of writing and creating content. That's something I struggle to do consistently. As with most things… practicing the exercise makes the muscles grow stronger and hopefully more flexible.