Politics – The Game, The Work, and what Political Independents Want and Need

Who am I?

To start this out I'm going to give a “brief” explanation of who I am… I'm an Introvert, INTP to be specific. I tend to need to put concepts and ideas together in my head before I feel comfortable using energy trying to work them out in the public. I have a need to put together fully formed concepts and ecologies so that I can make sure that my thoughts reflect what is observed in the real world.

Politically, I'm an independent in the true sense. There are a lot of independents who used to be a part of a political party but have fundamental differences from a few issue in their previous party. They come to a point where those issues diverge enough so that leaving the party makes sense to them personally. There are others who believe that their party does not act in a way that they believe annoys or embarrasses them.

As a true independent I have never felt like either party reflects who I am. I believe that both parties, during my adult lifetime, have forgotten what they are supposed to do while they attempt to get in office and what they are supposed to do once they are in office.

The Game

Here is where I have recently brought my vision of the political and legislative world is broken up into two distinct parts, The Game and The Work. The Game is what people talk about when they say “everything is politics”. It's like a game of Risk where everything you do is to turn a part of the world to your color. In Risk most of the work that is done is a version of war. You're have to forcible take chunks of the world using force, feints, and trickery.

The Game is the part of politics where you try to sway public opinion to your side using every tool at your disposal. Some politicians have every tool at their disposal, but they don't use many of them because it does not purport to who they are. Other politicians will use every tool, by hook or crook, to make sure they are the player that's on top.

The Work

After you're done playing The Game is when The Work is suppose to begin. The Work is where legislators are supposed to debate, pass bills, create budgets, and figure out how to make a “profit”. Despite what people who like the ideas that business would make the best politicians, the “profit” in government isn't money. Profit is what's described in the constitution as the General Welfare of the People. Insuring that the People have opportunity to obtain Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness. 

The Work requires that all ideologies that exist in the country get together to review what has been done in the past and why. Then we take everything that has been in the past to do the work now to make sure that in the future we have same opportunities to make sure that as many goals can be accomplished in the future as possible.

Political Independents

Most true independents are not a part of a party because we don't like The Game. We want to know what The Work is going to be and how it's going to get done. Currently we have two major political parties. These two parties are starving us for our need to know about The Work. We need to know about The Work because it's currently not getting done. You want us to lean towards one party or the other then talk to us about The Work because your single minded focus on The Game is a form of insanity to us.

We'll get involved with The Game if, and only if, it is a means to finish it so that we can get to The Work of running our governments at all levels.

Recently our political parties have completely abandoned The Work and it scares that crap out of us. Donald Trump is a master of The Game. In his personal businesses and in politics he has mastered The Game, but he as failed misearable at The Work. This promotion of his “brand” is The Game for him. Running a business and turn a profit is where The Work usually falls through the floor.

I believe that Hillary Clinton is great at doing The Work. I just don't know what that means for her. Looking at her past statements and her current changes what she states that she currently says that she believes are problematic. To date, those inconsistencies haven't been resolved well enough to convince me that she can and will do the work in a way that she will generate enough Constitutional profit.

That's all independents really want. That's all that independents really need.